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Cordillera Heirloom Rice Project

The Cordillera Heirloom Rice Project is focused on making traditional rice varieties—the crop that nearly every high-elevation farmer grows—a source of economic opportunity. In doing so, the indigenous people use their knowledge of rice production to develop a sustainable and culturally appropriate economic enterprise.  The vision of the Cordillera Heirloom Rice Project includes:

  • The establishment of a cooperative business that produces and sells the heirloom rice of the high elevation rice terraces;
  • A renewal of social stability through the building of farmers’ cooperatives and the skills and capacity building training of the farmers;
  • The implementation of a business model for a vertically integrated, shared-equity rice business, which will give farmers an opportunity to be equal partners with a meaningful stake in the success of the business;
  • The building of an economic enterprise that is environmentally sustainable;
  • The revitalization, maintenance and use of the high-elevation terraces and watershed areas for their historic purposes. 

RICE, Inc., terrace farmers in the provinces of Ifugao, Kalinga and Mountain Province, Eighth Wonder, Inc. (USA), and municipal, provincial and regional government agencies of the Cordillera are collaborating on the project.

Tinawon rice grains ready for harvest

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